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gop convention

No-one reads this, so I can safely amuse myself with a snark. I read that Gov Palin’s future son-in-law is going to fly in for the rest of the Republican Convention. I say, “Why? And who cares? And why is he suddenly a ‘future son-in-law’ instead of the redneck jerk who got the daughter preggers?” But of course, to be honest, when they nominated McCain, I also said “why?”. Although he WAS a POW, did you know that? And when he picked Palin as running mate, I also said “why?”….well, that’s what I said after I stopped laughing. I mean, c’mon, it has to be a jest, right? A big fat finger to the American public. (Here’s how stupid I REALLY think you all are, I’ll name the most unqualified, most right-wing, ultraconservative cutie I can find and watch y’all vote for us.)

But at least now I know why the conservative base is so rabid about arming everyone in the United States. If you want abstinence-only sex-ed, no planned parenthood teaching, no state-funded birth control clinics or state-funded discussions of birth control methods between doctor and patient (because any form of birth control is in essence abortion), no insurance provided birth control either, no abortions, no funding for clinics or centers that provide any form of welfare to unwed mothers, no funding for welfare period, no civil rights for gays (which relationships, let’s be real, at least don’t result in unwed pregnancies), well, if all this is the agenda, you better have lots of guns around to make sure you can force the goobers to marry the girls they got pregnant.

Then all will be well in the land.

Did I mention that McCain was a POW? Because he was.

note: the above mentioned positions on education, birth-control, abortion and welfare are from the official Republican Party Platform, 2008.

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