I have an old t-shirt

13 Apr

from a blues/jazz cafe which pictures four skeletons representing the evolution of mankind.  The first is an up-right skeleton labeled “Java man.”  The second is a skeleton holding a crude club; it’s called “Peking man.”  The third picture shows a skeleton holding a spear, labeled “Cro-magnon man”, and the last is a skeleton wearing sunglasses and a beret, playing a bass.  He is called “Jazz man.”

I suggest for the fifth picture a skeleton which would represent the next iteration of humanity – the guy who will wipe out the other, less likely to survive branches of humanity and take us into a new direction.  This would be a skeleton with a bag of cash in one hand, standing in a pile of the tattered and torn detritus of IRA’s, civil rights papers, and job listings.  He will be called “Finance man.”

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