My new word.

01 Jun

I hereby coin a new term for the current administration’s reaction to everything from financial crisis to health care reform and terrorism: blind-sight.  This is the condition wherein we can clearly see what caused a problem in the first place, but deliberately decide to repeat the same mistakes while falsely and loudly claiming that it is “different this time”.  The word is a combination of “hindsight” and “blind-side”.  We have a problem.  We figure out what caused the problem.  We then willfully either try to re-write history in an effort to trick people into thinking that what caused the problem is NOT what caused the problem (“Reagonomics worked”) or we make an attempt to explain away the concerns that we are dooming ourselves to failure by simply repeated the error, but changing one small perimeter of the original conditions (“indefinite detention is against the Constitution, but Obama won’t abuse it because he is a nice guy”).  We have the hindsight, but choose not to use it and are willing to blindside the public with a “new” idea, which is actually the old idea rewritten.

Financial meltdown?  Hire Geithner and Summers to fix it, while ignoring the fact that they were part of the faulty architecture in the first place. Pretend that “toxic” assets which no-one wants are suddenly swell investment engines for taxpayers.  (“Wall Street doesn’t want these things, but you’ll LOVE them, I swear to God!”)
Health-care reform?  Invite the big pharmas and insurance companies to devise a “fair plan”.
Global climate change?  Talk a lot about “clean coal technology” (Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…) and quietly allow the escalated use of mountaintop removal.
Terrorism?  Pretend that the Bush administration’s illegal invasion of Iraq and use of torture did not cause a significant rise in the number of potential terrorists and order the number of drone attacks over sovereign borders to increase many times over, thereby killing ever more civilians in countries with whom we are not legally at war.  Play word games with terms such as “prolonged detention” and talk incessantly about stopping torture at Guantanamo, whilst leaving the question of torture at Bagram and black sites unanswered.
Talk about not studying history….we can’t even seem to remember yesterday, for God’s sake!

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Posted by on June 1, 2009 in economy, Wall St and banks


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