Here’s an idea…

30 Jun

Since it is true that Canada and most European countries have some form of socialized medicine, and it is true that in none of these countries do the citizens want to give up their socialized medicine despite whatever taxes they pay for them (their argument being that the taxes involved are much lower than insurance premiums and deductibles would be), why doesn’t someone in Congress just go ASK them how they run their plans?  I have yet to see a simple table showing name of country, outline of coverage, cost to government, cost to taxpayers, satisfaction rate.

I am not satisfied that the Republicans are correct to be scared of “socialized medicine”, nor do I believe that the Democrats know what “socialized medicine” is. We are told we “can’t” do it like Europe, or that we “shouldn’t” do it like Europe, but nobody will tell us exactly how they do it in Europe.

And anecdotes about your Auntie Bessie in Canada don’t count.

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Posted by on June 30, 2009 in big ag/pharma, Congress


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