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While Washington parties….

shit keeps blowing up all over the place.

Some members of the press and some Congressmen and other Washington insiders attended a “beach party” at the (vice-president) Biden residence the other day. I’m sure they had a good time squirting each other with water pistols and cavorting around. At least, one assumes they did based on the cute, breathless tweets some of them sent out. Oh, and the Pres had some entertainment for himself – Paul McCartney in to sing for the POTUS and FLOTUS! In the meantime, it doesn’t seen to have occurred to our Louis XIV-like administration, the lords and ladies of the court, or the courtiers and sycophants who surround them that just perhaps a “beach party” might appear a little bit thoughtless and callous to the serfs outside the gates who anxiously turn on the evening news to find out which beach has been hit with globs of toxic oil today while the Gulf dies from the massive oil volcano erupting beneath its surface.

Just now, I saw on MSNBC that a natural gas mine has exploded in Texas. Reports so far are that 6 people have been injured.

This makes quite a message Someone is trying to send:

April : coal mine blast in W Va.

April: oil rig explosion and continuing massive leak in Gulf.

June: natural gas mine explosion in Pa

(“Natural gas and drilling fluids are spewing from an out-of-control well in Clearfield County. Emergency officials said a mile-wide area has been evacuated after an operation drilling into the Marcellus Shale ruptured on Friday. The FAA has issued a flight restriction in the immediate area.

“According to a news release from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, a well which was in the frack process ruptured in Clearfield, spilling frack water and unignited wet gas.

“This spill is likely a toxic mix of who know what (because industry won’t reveal what’s in their fracking fluid). So yeah, it’s not just off-shore drilling that is an environmental and human health threat and it’s not just oil.” -alternet article)

Today: natural gas mine explosion, Texas.

We are just stupid. I picture God saying, “Hello, humans. I’m sending you a message here. Are you listening?” Taps burning bush in frustration. “Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?”