the gorgon stare (who thinks of these names?)

02 Jan

I had heard of this, but had no idea they had perfected the thing already. The Army intends to begin using this in Afghanistan within two months. The Gorgon Stare is a camera device (only $ 17.5 M each! A true bargain for the discerning warrior or dedicated stalker!) which “transmits live video images of physical movement across an entire town”. It sees everything going on in a village, all at one time, and can transmit the images to soldiers in the field via a hand-held i-Pad type receiver, or, of course, to the main-frame guys sitting at computer terminals in Austin (or wherever). Higher-ups warn that soldiers would need some boots on the ground eye-witnessing to interpret the villagers’ activities and movements – wouldn’t want to make some appalling mistake such as confusing a wedding party for some sort of terrorist gathering, and we must learn the habits of the natives, etc.

And, naturally, we find near the end of the article a little tidbit for our general viewing audience in America, who may be feeling they receive the short shrift of benefits in military spending:

“They envision it will have civilian applications, including securing borders and aiding in natural disasters. The Department of Homeland Security is exploring the technology’s potential, an industry official said.”

I feel safer already. And can’t wait for the documentary about the interesting habits of the villagers hereabouts, who tend to strangely gather around old trucks with the hoods open, going, “Hmmm, looks like your kanibbling pin is shot there, Jeff.” It is an odd thing, and the natives would have us believe it all innocent …or is it?

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Posted by on January 2, 2011 in Afghanistan, drones, MIC, security state


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