Relax. They aren’t going to take your guns.

30 Jan

All you foolish people running out to buy guns since the nut shot Gabriel Giffords and killed so many innocent people in Arizona, thinking that the government is going to suddenly crack down and create some new gun laws – listen up. They aren’t going to take your guns.

And they are not going to lock up the mentally ill in vast numbers. These things would cost money and money is the name of the game. Congress might decide to spend some lucre to protect their weenie asses by constructing a dome over Capitol Hill and making the whole thing a Vatican City-like weapons-free compound, but money for the peasants is flat out off the table.

They don’t care if we kill each other, and let’s face it, having an armed and pissed off civilian population is more dangerous to us than to them. It’s a method of population control is all. There’s what – 30,000 deaths per year from gun violence or thereabouts? That’s 30,000 less people looking for non-existent jobs and food. You think Congress cares about a few dead peasants and crack-heads? Heh.

They have the military, which includes TSA, National Guard, and Homeland Security. If you think they won’t turn the military loose on the civilians, then explain the units training for “crowd control” here in these United States right now. Explain TSA and the Nat’l Guard (which has been used to keep people off oiled beaches in the Gulf) and “control” the situation during Katrina. And these guys have shit you wouldn’t believe. They are NOT concerned with your Glocks and rocks. I was reading an article by Stephen Lendman a few days ago, which I found so outrageously fantastical that I thought the man had gone clean off his rocker.

I had heard of some of these items, but the rest sounded ridiculously sci-fi. Turns out they are so real that in 2002 Dennis Kucinich wrote a bill asking that these weapons – he named them specifically, as well as mentioning contrails used to manipulate the weather – be curtailed and never actually be put in use against civilian populations. The bill apparently raised some questions among the fore-mentioned civilians, who wanted to know more about these weapons systems and government weather controls. Enough so that someone made Kucinich re-write the bill into a passive “Let’s All Be Nice As We Explore New Weaponry” sort of thing which did not mention the specifics the earlier bill did. New bill didn’t pass anyway, because, well, if you’re going to spend a shitload of money developing new weapons, why mumble about being nice?

I think Chris Hedges, Chris Floyd, and Arthur Silber (and MLK and Gandhi in the past) are correct that you can’t overcome violence with violence. You’ll just end up with the most violent people in charge and that is the problem we’ve already got.

And look, about the mentally ill…the whole idea of finding them, evaluating them, imprisoning them and treating them – even if you don’t treat them, you’ve got to feed them – that costs money. It simply won’t fly. The government won’t spend our tax dollars on feeding, treating, or housing any of us. That’s it. Period. They may make some law that makes it a criminal offense to badmouth politicians and may even define dissing Congress as ipso facto mental illness so they can lock up a few dissidents, but they aren’t looking to feed a bunch of homeless schizophrenics.

The wealth of the taxpayers is not and will not be spent on the taxpayers. It is earmarked for the banks and the Pentagon. The federal government could have chosen to spend some money to help the states retain teachers, health clinics, etc., but instead continues to siphon off the hard assets and cash of this country to the cartels. In the following article, look at the graph included. You don’t even need to read the whole article.

This is where our money is (and is not) going.

Treat the mentally ill? Nah. We have the highest rate of autism, ADD, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s in the world. May have something to do with the crap that we allow in our food and water, which might indicate that the government doesn’t care all that much about mental health issues. Might even suggest to some that the government and the big corporations like Halliburton and Monsanto have managed to create some new mental illnesses. We are free to treat these with new and costly experimental drugs available from the pharmaceutical companies. The costs will be paid for through increases in insurance premiums or they may use the new plan – make the drugs over-the-counter so we just pay for them straight out of our pockets.

But the government, federal or state, is not going to chip in. You’re on your own. I can only hope the strange ADHD kid down the street does not have access to a gun, otherwise I may end up being one of the dead peasants. Congress won’t talk about gun control or the mentally ill on my behalf, that’s for shit sure.

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Posted by on January 30, 2011 in austerity, Congress, security state


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