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This is what you voted for, you dumb shits.

I’m not going to be nice here. You dumb fucks voted in the most regressive, repressive set of fools, thugs and mouth-breathers ever seen in one country at one time. I know you did it out of fear and ignorance. I know you don’t get what is going on and did not expect some of it to turn out this way, but you know what? You can only be excused for so much. This is the age of the internet. Read the fucking news, morons. Obama is not a socialist, he is a neo-liberal corporatist. You sense that things are getting worse, which they are, but the answer was not to vote into office people who are even greedier, more business-serving motherfuckers than Obama. And here’s something else: there are no candidates for political office who are not bribed by big business. With the way things are, your vote hardly matters, so if you had any sense or any integrity, you would be taking to the streets about now. You would have in ’08 when Congress decided to give it all to the bankers. Well, you ask, if my vote doesn’t count anyway, why blame me? I’ll type this slowly for you: if, instead of voting for the American-hating teabuggers and neocons, you had educated yourselves and voted for someone who was going to protect us from this corporate rape, it might have mattered. Now it’s too late. If you had gotten off your fat asses and picketed, en masse, against the field of cretins and three-card monte men who were running last November, we might have had a chance. So, yeah, now it’s too late. That doesn’t excuse your vote then.

Here is the truth of it. Congress, the president and his administration, and most state governments are now purchased by big corporations. You coyly call it lobbying. It is bribery. Used to be illegal. These guys are committing treason. They have turned on the people of the United States and only work on behalf of the rich and their companies. You are expendable. There will be no money spent on your behalf – your taxes will go to pay for Exxon’s, Lockheed’s, and Halliburton’s wars and weapons. The banks want all your property and all your money and Congress will give it to them. You are being trained to turn on one another in an effort to make you blind to the outright theft of our country.

In state after state, measures are being taken to strip away your money, your rights, public services, and your vote. Yes, your vote, too. Many states are finding ways to curtail the right to vote through the use of photo ID laws, restricted student voting laws and the like. You are being told to undergo austerity measures so that the federal and state governments can hand more tax cuts to the wealthy and the corporations. This will not lead to job growth. We already know that. After the last 12 years of being put to the practice, the trickle-down theory and deregulation of all the industries have proven to be bad policies and lead to nothing but disaster.

But you think we should try more of it. Because you are confused and in pain and not thinking clearly. Well, pull yourselves together, you fools. You are being played and the US is going down. All of it is going to be owned by a few wealthy folks and some big companies and they don’t need you. In this day of out-sourcing and automation, you are completely expendable. Why the hell do you think there is no attention being paid to the thousands of people getting sick in the Gulf states from the BP oil spill? Because they are just extra mouths to feed and the elite don’t need them and sure as hell don’t want any tax money going to provide medicine, unemployment, or social services for these plebes.

Here’s a sampling of what you voted for in the last go round by electing all the pro-wealthy, pro-business, dumb-ass Teabagger and Republicans you could find. And since the politicians are equal opportunity grifters, you also managed to elect some Democrats who ran on “shared sacrifice” and “austerity”, too. Fuck ’em all.

The state legislatures in the states listed below are trying to, or have already succeeded in, passing the following measures. All these measures and new laws are designed to help the rich at your expense. Do not doubt that. All these measures have only one of two purposes: 1) they are either to divert funds from the middle and lower classes to the wealthy, or 2) to take away rights that have been fought hard for over the past two centuries, so that you can’t stop item one from happening.

Arizona, Wisc., Ind., Ohio, Mich., Iowa, Idaho, Fla., Kansas, Neb., Okla: want to ban collective bargaining rights.

Missouri: wants to end child labor laws. Any age child could work any hours for any rate of pay the hiring company deems suitable.

Maine: change child labor laws. Lowers the minimum wage paid to those under to two dollars an hour less than the minimum wage for everyone else during a 180 day training period, increase the hours minors can work, eliminates the maximum hours someone over 16 can work, and allows minors to work over 50 hours a week during vacations. Also would allow those over 16 to work 6 hours a day during the school year.

Missouri, Mich: refuse federal aid money (which does not cost the state anything) to help the long-term unemployed.

Georgia: raise sales tax on food to finance a new corporate tax cut.

Montana: declare that “global warming is beneficial to the welfare and business climate of Montana”.

Maine: took down mural representing labor, which had been hanging for decades,  from the state’s Dept. of Labor building over the week-end.  Guess it was too evocative of real workers.   The new administration argued that the mural, which depicts Maine workers throughout history, is “not in keeping with the [Labor Department’s] pro-business goals.”   At the same time, the administration announced that it would re-name several of the building’s conference rooms, which had been named after American labor leaders.

Fla: demands quarterly drug testing of all state employees.

Tenn. and at least 5 other states: teachers may opt to teach creationism or any other religious theory in the classroom and would not have to mention evolution, even as an “alternative theory”.

Mich: reduce benefits for the unemployed from 26 weeks to 20 weeks. Slash corporate tax rates by 86%, but raise tax rates on individuals by 31%. Make funding for schools in some districts unavailable until the schools have at least 65 students per classroom.

Hawaii: slash the school week by one day a week due to financial issues, but has enough money to put cameras in the barrios to keep an eye on the poor people.

Ariz., Tenn: laws protecting corporations and making it illegal to picket or otherwise “interfere” with a business.

Tenn: unions can’t give money to political candidates. But corporations can give unlimited funds. Would outlaw union members from even talking about the possibility of going on strike.

Ohio: open state forests to oil drilling, privatize all schools and services (fire, police, etc.).

Texas: while there are no increases in taxes for the wealthy being considered, cuts will be made to education and health programs. The number of students receiving financial aid for college programs to be reduced from 86,000 to 27,000. This week, instead of receiving their financial aid disbursement, students got a letter saying that there will be no money disbursed until the budget negotiations are completed. Wonder how many will have to drop out this semester? Under consideration in this proposed budget are 100,000 public school teacher layoffs and the closure of 4 community colleges.

Texas:  The Texas House approved a budget (now headed to their senate) that includes a provision which requires public colleges and universities with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) resource centers to spend an equal amount of state funds promoting “family and traditional values.”  (Because without those funds, the heteros will simply die out.)  On the other hand, a budget amendment proposed by a Democrat that would have required school districts to report incidents of harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity was defeated by a 97 to 49 vote.

Calif.: 8 billion in cuts to state welfare, health care and education. No change in tax rates for the wealthy and the corporations.

NY: 1.8 billion in cuts to education, social services and health care. However, in this budget, the state “millionaire’s tax” (a surcharge on the state’s wealthiest 3%) is allowed to expire, putting about 5 billion back into the pockets of the very rich.

At least half the states are trying to make abortions illegal and voting more difficult.

As an example of the attempt to put extreme blocks on the ability for a woman to choose an abortion, laws like this one in Missouri are being debated and passed.  From alternet:  “Among other things, this cynical piece of legislation allows pharmacy employees to refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control, confuses RU-486 with emergency contraception, forces women seeking medical abortions to make – count them — four visits to the clinic, and creates a slew of other absurd requirements for physicians. The bill is an absolute horror show of degrading assumptions and scientifically incorrect statements. … the bill passed with the legislature’s famous anti-woman gusto…”

At least half the states are raising taxes on the poor and middle classes in direct dollar-for-dollar correlation to cuts for the wealthy and big businesses. All the states are imposing austerity measures – cutting education, health services, unemployment benefits, etc. – in response to lower tax revenues. Which, I guess I have to remind you because clearly you can’t hold a thought in your heads for more than a day, are caused by the fact that Wall Street banks took the economy for a ride a couple of years ago, got tax-payer money to bail them out, and have continued to take tax-payer money to the tune of 12.3 trillion bucks so far in back-door bailouts. (Also called “emergency lending programs”.) The corporations outsourced our jobs, which lowered the tax revenue further; the wars suck about a trillion a year from the economy, and the corporations pay no taxes. The wealthy people (all 400 of them) pay lower taxes than they have since…well, they have never paid such low taxes. The closest we came to this was right before the Great Depression. They took our homes, our money and our jobs. And you seem willing to give them even more in some kind of whipped dog syndrome. Here, sir, have our social security, our medicare, our schools, we’ll “share” the sacrifice. What a bunch of dumb fucks you are.

At the federal level, they have decided to gut program after program. Let me clue you in: it will never be enough. You will be left on the street, homeless and cold, and let me tell you, bra, your member of Congress ain’t losing a wink of sleep over it. At this moment in time, 11% of houses in the US are sitting vacant. However, the Fed and the Congressional committee charged with investigating the foreclosure issue have announced that there was no fraud in any foreclosure proceeding. All those people just deserved to have their houses taken. Are you listening? Someone used to live in these homes. They were not built to stand empty and look nice. 11%. That is more than one in ten. And the Obama administration will not take up the issue which, they insist, is not in their purview. The Congressional Budget Office has another swell idea to raise some revenue – tax every driver in the US by the mile. Put a GPS on each car and tax for the miles driven. Regressive taxation; it’s what we do. And if you think that they wouldn’t consider a GPS on every car, bear in mind that the FBI has a new 1 billion dollar program for a biometric ID database. They want to scan each person ever questioned by the police (not just people convicted of a crime) for biometric data, which will be stored forever. There is no lack of funding for any program designed to spy on Americans. We have over a thousand agencies whose only jobs are to spy on Americans. The Pentagon devotes a large portion of its resources to riot control equipment; items like the “microwave machine”, which induces intense burning pain until the person moves out of range, the “noise machine” which creates unbearable sound, designed to disperse crowds, the “Gorgon stare” (mentioned in a previous post of mine), and spy cameras so small they fit into mini-drones the size of dragonflies. These are designed to spy on people at the street level, moving amongst the people without detection – unless you realize that what you are seeing is not an insect. The use of these is not limited to war zones; the Pentagon, CIA, and FBI specifically speculate and report on the usages of these items for domestic purposes. That’s you and me, dude, just in case we get rowdy and they need to control our asses.

We just started a new war in Libya. For humanitarian purposes. Heh. Believe that shit? Truth is, Ghadaffi nationalized his oil fields and his central bank and Exxon, the EU, et al won’t stand for it any more.   They want their profits back.  Who do you think Obama takes orders from? Here’s how humanitarian we are; the bombs we are dropping in Libya to “free the people” contain depleted uranium. Depleted uranium (DU) causes cancers, organ failure, chromosome damage (among other things) and causes babies to be born with genetic defects. We are seeing the results now in Iraq from the DU bombs we used there. And DU has a half life of 4.5 billion years. I’m sure the rebels in Libya will be as grateful as the Iraqis are. Huzzah for our Peace Prize Laureate! Who also, in his continued pursuit of Peace and Goodwill, just put into the federal budget an increase of 10% the amount we currently spend on nuclear weapons programs with annual increases each year for the next five years. Think about that the next time your town cuts funding for road repairs, teachers, or streetlights.

Not to mention that we have just spent 500 million on this not-a-war war already. To take care of that, we will de-fund the EPA, the Nuclear Regulatory Agency and the SEC. Of course, there are three new oil slicks in the Gulf of Mexico, but since the Coast Guard tells us that the longest one (one hundred miles long and several miles wide) was caused by a spill of less than two gallons of oil, we needn’t worry our stupid little heads about it. And those dead dolphins? Why, the government just put a gag order out on that problem. No scientist is allowed to report his findings on what is causing these deaths. Radioactive wastewater is being dumped off the Louisiana coast by the natural gas industry, but we aren’t to be concerned. The water treatment plants that accept the fracking waste water from the natural gas companies are not required to monitor for radioactive elements in the water. The last time anyone checked (’08), the radioactive levels were found to be 2122 times the safe drinking water standard. But who needs money spent on stuff like this when we can have a jolly little war instead? And no rich people are in danger; they either don’t live near the Gulf, or they drink bottled water.

As for you, eat more Gulf seafood. It’s your patriotic duty.

I’m not going to bother with footnotes or references. Everything I have said is true. Everything is factual. Google it, you dumb-asses. Wake the fuck up. Quit giving your country and its wealth away. Quit selling out your children. More to the point, quit selling out mine. Mine are smart and good people who deserve better. And I deserve better. I have worked hard all my life, paid my taxes, never taken welfare (if you are person to whom that matters), volunteered in the community, given what meager amounts I can to the poor, and you stupid shitheels are selling me out. So google it yourselves.


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