The Big Tent.

27 Jul

There are two sides to this global economic class war now being waged.  There is “our” side.  We are the left, the liberal, the progressive, the conservationists – whatever you want to call it.  (Note the word ‘conservationist’.  This is not the same thing as a conservative.  Conservationists believe that we need to preserve our ecology and natural resources for the enjoyment and benefit of future generations.  We do not tear down entire mountains and disastrously pollute waterways in the meaningless attempt to extract all the oil, coal, and natural gas under them.  We do not drive entire species to extinction or strip the oceans of fish, we do not think it is wise to pursue policies which are unsustainable and unreasonable, given the facts of peak oil and toxic waste which kills.)

We believe in the New Deal.  We believe that a government exists to serve the general well-being of the people.  Our taxes should be used primarily to benefit the society from which they are collected.  We take care of the elderly, the halt and the lame.  We do not want the US to engage in illegal wars of aggression for the benefit of big banks, war profiteers and oil companies.

We do not want a handful of people owning all the property in the US or having all the money.  We do not think the average American should pony up more than he has already given just so that the fuckers who took our economy down and who have, in any case, already received 17 trillion bucks (yeah, the number has gone up) from the Fed printing machine, can get even wealthier.  We want jobs.  We want to keep our homes.  We want our public schools for our children.

We are, in short, humans.  You may think one or two of these ideas is worthy of quibbling over.  Do not get so involved in quibbling that you lose sight of the larger picture.  You think we should vote for Ron Paul instead of Fill-in-the-blank?  (He’s ‘real’, he has ‘integrity’, the ‘MSM hates him’, the business class ‘hates him’ – which they don’t, BTW – he is the best friend a big business has ever seen – these were all the same reasons given to vote for Obama.  How’d that work out? Paul has the most conservative voting record in the Senate.  He fundamentally believes in the free market and has openly called for the end of SS, medicare, food stamps, the minimum wage, the Civil Rights Act, etc.  Read his wikipedia page or his own website, people.  Anyway, what the hell is the point of voting for any of these fools?  Don’t you see you are being played?  There IS NOT going to be a candidate offered who does not intend to take all your money and give it to the MIC.)  You want to argue over the definition of “rights”?  Fuck that.  I don’t know and I don’t care to discuss whether the rights listed in the Bill of Rights are inherent in some theoretical sense to all humanity or simply there because we enforce them.  I want those rights and I want our Congress to uphold them because that is what they swore to do.  That’s our agreement, that’s our deal, that’s our Constitution.  Maybe the people of Zimbabwe believe they have different “rights”; I don’t live there and neither do my members of Congress.

Now let’s  define the Other Side in this war.  They are the MIC, the financial oligarchs, the big corporations, both parties in Washington (including the POTUS; he is the biggest cheerleader the other side has), and all the mouth-breathers who let themselves be tricked into supporting those groups.  They are loosely arranged and one group may rise or fall in prominence at different times.    They are only united in the one goal – to own all the stuff in the world – and the marriage of these groups is largely accidental.  There’s no secret cabal that plans all this out.  For now.  Right now, it serves the bankers to unite with the the oil companies.  As natural resources dwindle, those two sub-groups may end up fighting each other.  The bankers will dump support of the oil companies and try to get the green technology guys to join up.  This will happen, and you’ll know it is happening, when you see the renewable industries calling for higher taxation on and limited public access to their energy products.  More than likely, however, the oil companies intend to subsume the renewable companies so as not to lose their place at the trough.

What is the common policy of that side in this war is to do all they can to attract otherwise normal Americans to join up on that side.   You see how they have succeeded in getting the teabaggers so bamboozled that the teabaggers now  (with cow-eyed stupidity) serve the big money interests.  They want the commoners so confused by media propaganda and fear mongering that some of the population will join in to help kill off what’s left of our middle and poor classes.  Once the big boys are done with the “lefties”, the minorities, the old and the sick, they will go after the idiots who helped them, of course.  You think Halliburton or JP Morgan needs you?  They’ll let you drop a bead on a few “socialists” for fun – and then they will take your stuff and let you die in the street, too.

The other side will take all comers.  Their tent is big and has many tables attractively arranged, all set up to lure passers-by with all kinds of trinkets.  Hate dark-skinned people?  Here, have a brochure explaining how “blacks owning houses” caused the economic melt-down.  Hate the government?  Why, look.  Here is a Ron Paul screed showing why we need to dismantle the wasteful “entitlements” and keep people from trying to “live off” the “nanny state” and how the minimum wage is killing business.  Hate the college elites?  Let me tell you how Washington wastes your money on silly Pell grants.  Drill, baby, drill.   Natural gas fracking is the answer.  Over there is a happy-faced clown man who will tell you all about the wonders of Reagan’s trickle-down theory.  He’ll tell you why the budget “crisis” is real and must never, ever include tax increases – in fact, he can explain exactly why we need to decrease the taxes on the wealthy.  You will be a real economist when you finish with his lecture series.    Plus, he makes balloon animals.  Love the Lord?  Well, praise Jesus, so do we!  And Jesus, as we know, only loves them that helps themselves.  The rich are rich as a sign of God’s love.  All that “social gospel” crap is pure, well, it’s crap.  A true Christian values the rich because they are the shepherds given to guide us in these trying times.  And if you enjoy being just a little scared, if you dig that kind of thrill, at this table right over cheer is a nice lady with big hair who will tell you about the godless, heathen Muslims and their Sharia law, which they are trying to impose secretly on Amurika.    Go, Israel, boo, Islamofascistpigdogs.

The other side doesn’t give a shit if you can’t spell or don’t know the difference between Keynes and von Mises – in fact, they prefer it. They could give a crap if you like their brochure art or know how to define the word “is”.  That side will take anyone who can shoot, no questions.

Our side, on the other hand, is busy thinning its own herd, chasing out what we see as the “impure” and “imperfect” and those who offer any slight deviation of the liberal borg script.  We are busy picking off our own with friendly fire.

Guess who’s going to win?


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