Libya, 30 August, 2011

01 Sep

NATO is preparing an all-out assault on the town of Sirte, Ghaddafi’s hometown, and where he is presumably seeking shelter.  Not that Americans have noticed, but this is indeed a war, unconstitutional, unnecessary, and costly – both in terms of money and human lives.  Western media was quick to misreport Ghaddafi’s words from the start of this invented “uprising” in an effort to create the necessity for humanitarian intervention.  Ghaddafi did not say he would hunt down his citizens like dogs and kill them in their homes; he said he would hunt down the “rebels” and kill them.  He knew, and repeatedly said, that the “rebels” were linked to al Qaeda and their whole action was instigated by the CIA, statements now known to be fact.  He also knew that the reasons for the “uprising” were to privatize Libya’s oil fields, currently a nationalized project wherein all Libyans share in the profits, and to end Ghaddafi’s nationalized banking system, which he had taken to the gold standard and which he had taken pains to protect from the predation of the international banking cartels.  He further had the audacity to begin, with the other African nations, a system of central African banking intended to protect the interests of Africa; a position completely unacceptable to the US and Europe.  He is now only referred to in the western press as Ghaddafi, the “despot”, as though by such label, we can erase his later achievements: the educational system of Libya, the complete sharing of profits with the population, the water project which greened the desert, etc.

The number of Libyans killed during this war is now estimated to exceed 50,000.  This number is an estimate from the NTC (the rebels), and therefore cannot be passed off as propaganda from Ghaddafi.  That is quite remarkable, or would be, if anyone chose to remark on it.  Ghaddafi was trying to end the “rebellion” of perhaps one or two hundred CIA/al Qaeda operatives.  The NATO countries spurred the killing on and have ended up causing the obliteration of 50,000 human beings.  Currently, the “rebels”, aided by NATO, seem to have the aim of not only assassinating Ghaddafi himself (an international crime) but to massacre thousands of black African migrant workers living in Libya.  I have seen several articles in the past few days which refer to Ghaddafi in the past tense, as though he were already dead.  Such is our blithe, hard-bitten acceptance of the illegal attempt to assassinate the leader of a sovereign nation: we not only hope this attempt will be successful, we assume it will be.

Imagine a similar situation in the US.  Imagine for a moment that 200 members of the KKK descended on Washington, DC, armed by Israel’s Mossad, say, or the Chinese secret service, chanting that Obama is a socialist, demanding that they be given the reins of government and allowed to reinstate the institution of slavery.  The President replies that he will send out the National Guard to capture these insurrectionists and quell their movement.  He publicly avers that they are armed by a foreign government – which they are – and are threatening the lives of a sizable portion of the American population – which they are.  The reaction of the rest of the world, let’s imagine, is to form a coalition of armed countries and offer support to the KKK in their “uprising for freedom”.  These countries call for the removal of Obama, place a bounty on his head, and begin bombing city after city in the US, targeting specific vital infrastructure such as hospitals, television stations, water supplies, gasoline supplies, food storage facilities, and schools.  During this “kinetic humanitarian intervention”, an agreement is reached with the KKK that they are now the government of the United States and further, that Social Security would be ended and the 2.7 trillion dollars still in the fund would be given to the KKK to use as they see fit.  In the process, 50,000 Americans are killed.  Imagine that.  Just for a moment.

What we are doing in Libya is obscene.

In their breathless promotion of the “final battle” to realize the real US-NATO aim in Libya—regime-change—few in the Western media have bothered to consider the fact that the major imperialist powers are carrying out precisely the kind of act they claimed their war was designed to prevent.

Gaddafi’s troops were marching on Benghazi, the world was told, and only a “humanitarian” intervention by NATO could save the city’s innocent population. Now the “rebels” are encircling Sirte, led by British and Qatari special forces troops, intelligence operatives and mercenary military contractors, while the city’s population is being pounded by NATO bombs and cut off from food, fuel and all basic supplies

One has to go back to the crimes of the fascist powers in the 1930s and 1940s to search for parallels to such a siege: the bombing of Guernica in the Spanish Civil War, the siege of Leningrad and the Warsaw Ghetto.

NATO warplanes have over the past few days conducted scores of air strikes against Sirte, the town of Bani Walid to its west and the roads linking the two. While there have been no independent reports from Sirte, the spokesman for the Gaddafi regime, Moussa Ibrahim, reported that the continuous bomb and missile attacks have killed 1,000 people in the city and left many more wounded.

Part of this ferocious air assault is aimed at assassinating Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who is believed by some to have taken refuge in the city or its surrounding area. Western special forces are reportedly on the ground hunting for Gaddafi, while an array of US spy planes have been deployed to pinpoint his whereabouts.

The NATO-led rebels have taken up positions on the main coastal highway both east and west of Sirte, with orders to stay in place until the NATO blitzkrieg has sufficiently annihilated the city’s defenders.

The National Transitional Council (NTC), the self-appointed body of ex-Gaddafi ministers, Western intelligence assets, Islamists and tribal functionaries that has been recognized by the major powers as the legitimate government of Libya, has announced a surrender-or-die ultimatum to the city. If a surrender is not forthcoming by Saturday, they say, the city will be subjected to military assault.

“We have been given no indication of a peaceful surrender,” an NTC military spokesman, Col. Ahmed Omar Bani, told a press conference in Benghazi. “We continue to seek a peaceful solution, but on Saturday we will use different methods against these criminals.”

“Sometimes to avoid bloodshed you must shed blood, and the faster we do this the less blood we will shed,” said Ali Tarhouni, the deputy head of the NTC…

Having supported the Western-backed dictatorships of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt against popular revolts until the bitter end, the US and its NATO allies decided to intervene in Libya, which lies strategically between these two countries. They set about hijacking the anti-Gaddafi demonstrations that broke out last February and fomenting a civil war as a vehicle for direct NATO intervention. To this end, British and French special forces units were deployed on the ground in Libya well before any UN resolution was ever discussed.

This intervention was never about protecting the civilian population. Tellingly, a spokesman for the NTC Wednesday estimated that the total number of Libyans killed in the last six months—both civilians and combatants—has risen to over 50,000. If one were to accept as good coin the pretense that NATO waged its war for the purpose of saving human lives, it would have to be judged a colossal failure. This war has produced far more carnage than any repression that preceded it.

The goal of the NATO war is to install a puppet regime in Tripoli that will be a more pliant tool of the Western governments and energy conglomerates. Ruling circles in Washington, London, Paris and Rome are salivating over the prospect of turning the clock back 42 years to the days when the corrupt monarchy of King Idris let Standard Oil write Libya’s petroleum laws and provided military bases to both the US and Britain.

Consolidating such neocolonial aims will no doubt entail an even greater amount of bloodshed in suppressing popular opposition within Libya…

(All bolding mine.)


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