The rebels in Libya and ethnic cleansing.

09 Sep

The CIA/al Qaeda/NATO-led rebels in Libya are indulging in what would be called ‘ethnic cleansing’ had it taken place under Ghaddafi.  It did not happen under Ghaddafi, of course, because he welcomed black Africans from other nations who came to Libya seeking jobs.  Under Ghaddafi, these blacks were given employment as migrant workers or in his armed forces; much like the US seeks to do with the Dream Act, a bill that grants citizenship to immigrants (in a very specific age range) if they serve a certain number of years in our military.

The rebels hate the black Africans, who represent roughly 1/5 of Libya’s population, and have been rounding them up into detention camps or simply slaughtering them where they stand.  The western media is making a feeble attempt to blame some of the massacres on Ghaddafi, an accusation laughable on its face, as he has always been known for his love of the black African community.  Whatever else the man has done in his lifetime, one cannot in clear conscious accuse him of racial prejudice toward black Africans.  The rebels – the NTC – have been named as the de facto government of Libya by the NATO countries and this is their first official “act” as the new leaders there.  While the UN and various aid organizations warn of the need for humanitarian aid and dire shortages of medicine, food and water, entirely created by the effects of NATO bombing of towns and infrastructures, no-one seems to have the honesty to call the current actions of the NTC by its proper term: ethnic cleansing.  Furthermore, the NTC – loosely affiliated with al Qaeda, remember – now has control of missiles that Ghaddafi held in previously secure facilities.

This is what we think is better for Libya than what they had.

35,000 NATO bombs dropped on Libya, many containing depleted uranium.  50,000 dead.

This is what we think is better for Libya than what they had.

From CNN, 8 Sept., 2011

Away from Tripoli, away from the fighting and largely away from any aid, hundreds of immigrants are living in an abandoned harbor.

They are living on scraps, in poor sanitary conditions, and fearful of being mistakenly identified as mercenaries who fought for the ousted Libyan leader Colonel Moammar Gadhafi.

In one cooking pot a chicken lies at least a quarter covered in flies. Until recently there has only been salt water available. And there are dark tales of women being dragged away in the middle of the night to be raped by armed gangs.

An estimated 1,200 men, women and children have turned the upturned fishing boats at Janzour harbor into a makeshift camp of tents and boats.

Pretty much all of them are black Sub-Saharan African immigrants who moved to Libya for casual or manual jobs, from places like Chad, Ghana, Nigeria or Mail.

Now their skin color is making them a target for the new power in town who say black Africans also came to Libya to fight as mercenaries for Gadhafi. During the fighting CNN has interviewed such fighters on several occasions.

Under Libya’s searing daytime heat they wait at Janzour for help and a way out.

When the fighting first reached Tripoli, these immigrants say they left for the quiet harbor area about 15 kilometers out of the capital. They hoped aid would come in through Janzour and possibly a route home, or at least a boat out of Libya.

But they were left to fend for themselves. Only last week did Red Cross aid, including drinking water and soap, get to them.

One woman says she has seen armed men pick out women and take them away to be raped. Others at Janzour told CNN similar stories…

The International Red Cross knows the problem but can’t promise a solution. Spokesman Souad Messaoudi said: “We have submitted a report with recommendations and we remind all parties that it is very important to respect these people and protect these people.”

Libya’s African immigrants are a legacy of Gadhafi’s rule and his pan-African ambitions, not just his desperate fight for survival this year.

He invested millions of dollars into Sub-Saharan Africa; he paid a big chunk of the budget of the African Union, and he welcomed Sub-Saharan Africans into his Arab country for work.

Up to one-fifth of Libya’s six million population are migrants.

They are the people who don’t historically have roots in Libya but they came as people made welcome by Gadhafi. And that welcome has turned against them.

The U.N. and human rights groups have reported summary executions and harsh detention of black Africans. The International Organization of Migration is evacuating black Africans and other migrants who want to leave. In Tripoli, the former rebel soldiers of the National Transitional Council admit they are rounding up black immigrants as a priority. Many are civilian workers who have lost or don’t have official paperwork but others are possible mercenaries.

Anyone picked up at the checkpoints littering Tripoli’s streets are first taken to a local military council, and from there to detention centers in the capital run by the Benghazi Brigade or Tripoli Brigade.

Hamed Isbaq, a member of the Benghazi Brigades in Tripoli, said: “It is possible that we pick up anywhere from 50 to 100 people daily. The people that have come in anytime in February or after and do not have legal residency, those have a special investigation.”

He admitted “dark skins” are the ones most likely to be picked up…

Human rights groups say the migrants are being harassed because of their skin color — a form of racial profiling it can get away with because of Gadhafi’s mercenaries.

Dennis Kucinich made a speech to Congress this week in which he made the following remarks:

…I op­posed the war in Libya, not only be­cause it was un­con­sti­tu­tional, but it was and is un­con­scionable for Amer­ica to pre­cip­i­tate or take sides in a civil war, spend­ing per­haps bil­lions in an on­go­ing war while we have so many press­ing needs here at home. We went in be­cause we were told a mas­sacre could occur, yet civil­ian ca­su­al­ties in Libya mounted after the U.S. and NATO at­tacked. In order to please the West, Libya co­op­er­ated with the CIA, got rid of its WMD pro­gram in 2004 and pri­va­tized its econ­omy, re­sult­ing in mas­sive un­em­ploy­ment. It was mov­ing through to re­form even as the West moved to bomb it and, in­ex­plic­a­bly, the West moved to take up the cause of el­e­ments of Al Qaeda spurring the rebels.

We learn today from CNN that the rebels and fight­ers aligned with them are loot­ing weapons ware­houses across Libya, where as many as 20,000 sur­face to air mis­siles had pre­vi­ously been kept under lock and key. West­ern of­fi­cials, per­haps the same ge­niuses who know­ingly helped Libyan rebels with ties to Al Qaeda over­throw the Libyan gov­ern­ment, are now wor­ried the sur­face to air mis­siles and other weapons will get into the wrong hands.

This law­less in­ter­ven­tion­ism spurred on by an un­ac­count­able NATO which vi­o­lates United Na­tions Se­cu­rity Coun­cil res­o­lu­tions with im­punity, this at­tempt to use force to bring oth­ers to sub­jec­tion in the name of democ­racy ac­tu­ally has be­come a de­vice for con­trol over the wealth of other na­tions and the squan­der­ing of our own wealth and the spread­ing of poverty here at home….

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