John McCain goes abroad.

30 Sep

The end result of the people’s uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia; American companies, aided by America’s Congressmen, go in-country to open shop at preferred rates, while blithely ignoring unemployment in America.

One might almost think the uprisings were co-opted or something. Assuming one thinks about such things, or indeed, that one thinks at all. One day soon, American’s wages will be driven to a low enough point that American companies will consider investing in America. All we need is a little bankruptcy, an IMF loan program, no social security, and no minimum wage laws.


From article, June 22: Top senators John McCain and John Kerry will accompany a delegation of US business leaders on Friday to Tunisia and Egypt to discuss economic opportunities in the North African countries, McCain’s office said.

McCain, a Republican, and Kerry, a Democrat, will visit the two countries with General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, along with officials from Boeing, Coca-Cola, Bechtel, ExxonMobil, Marriot and Dow, confirmed McCain’s office on Wednesday.

On Friday, the delegation planned to meet with current Tunisian Prime Minister Beji Caid Essebsi, and representatives from the business community.

The group will then head to Egypt on Saturday and Sunday, where they will meet Prime Minister Essam Charaf, the head of Egypt’s Armed Forces Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawiand, and Egyptian business leaders. They will also visit the Cairo Stock Exchange and a Coca-Cola factory.

The visit comes as the two lawmakers join Independent Senator Joe Lieberman in sponsoring a bill to create economic assistance funds for Egypt and Tunisia, both rocked with popular unrest and subsequent regime change in recent months.

The purpose of the funds is to provide capital to local entrepreneurs in the hope of creating “thousands of jobs,” which both countries desperately need, said Kerry, who chairs the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

In proposing the bill, the elected officials urged the United States to back the revolutionary movements across the region known as the “Arab Spring.”

The money, tens of millions of dollars, would be provided by funds already allocated to the US State Department.


And yesterday, we see that Libya’s “revolution” will likewise end up being a big winnah for America’s corporations, as represented by…John McCain and some friends in the Senate.  The difference is that while the people of Egypt and Tunisia had spontaneously arisen to protest their governments and the living conditions imposed on them, with the US now taking advantage of those situations (which the people in those countries may realize soon enough), in Libya the US and some other key NATO countries instigated an “uprising” in order to plunder Libya via a more direct route.


…On Thursday, Senators John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and two other Republican members of the US Senate visited Libya, the highest level US delegation to arrive in the country since the beginning of the NATO war last March.

The purpose of the visit was clear: profits. As the Associated Press reported, “The senators said American companies are hoping to tap into the wealth of oil and natural resources in Libya, which under Gaddafi long faced sanctions that prohibited much business.”

“There is a desire here by the Libyan people to make sure that those who helped get paid back,” Graham told reporters in Tripoli. McCain added, “I think American investors are more than eager to come invest here in Libya and we hope and believe that they will be given an opportunity to do so.”…


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