A new Prime Minister for Libya.

03 Nov

I see that NATO the NTC has elected a new Prime Minister to replace Jabril, who was deemed too “Americanized” for Libya after spending most of his life outside Libya and who wanted to install sharia law, which sounds scary to Westerners.  (I love the articles about this “election” of a new PM, by the way, which headline the word “election” as though the Libyans had held an election.  It was, of course, an election held within the NTC only: 51 people on the NTC voted in the election and chose the new guy.)  The new PM is one el-Keib,  who, it turns out, has lived in the US for over 30 years.  According to the first article I read about him, he met to visit with his Libyan family members in Morocco so as to avoid setting foot in Libya.  Hasn’t been in Libya for 30 years – at least until the “uprising”, when he joined the Tripoli branch of the NTC.  Oddly, I can’t find that article now, although I read it just an hour ago.
One current AFP article describes el-Keib as “an academic and wealthy businessman”.  Another one (I’ll include link at end) is going for the ‘obfuscation embedded within the article itself’ method, whereby the writer hopes people will read the first paragraph and not do the math for info contained in later ‘graphs.  Note how in the first paragraph, the writer states that el-Keib lived in the US for 10 years, but then proceeds later to give parts of el-Keib’s CV, which shows that he graduated from USC in ’76, went on to get a doctorate here and ended up teaching at U of Alabama for more than twenty years.  He has actually lived here for over 30 years.

He is also a faculty member of the Petroleum Institute, a think-tank funded by BP and other British, French and US oil firms; his time spent outside the US involves work in the UAE for the Institute.  As a side note, not mentioned in any of the articles put out by the US media on the “election” of el-Keib, BP just announced last week that it will be expanding its operations in North Africa.

In one of his first statements, Al-Keib expressed the hope that “the world will perceive us as a positive new force,” adding: “I have a lot of trust in the fact that we live in a country that has lots of resources that haven’t been tapped.

So, the new deal for Libya, one way or the other – Jabril or el-Keib – is that they will be ruled by some American businessman who didn’t live in Libya for most of his adult life.  And this new one directly works for the petroleum industry.  Not very subtle of NATO, but then they haven’t bothered to hide most of their intentions in this atrocity from the beginning.

And that’s what we think is better for Libya than what they had.

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Posted by on November 3, 2011 in fossil fuels, Libya


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