Let this be a lesson.

17 Nov

Cenk on Bloomberg, below.  I haven’t read the news this morning, so who knows what has happened since this was filmed?  But I must say, Cenk forgets one thing: the stupid fucks in NYC were so eager to have this guy running things that they overturned their own law about term limits.  They wanted this guy in charge.  Sort of like what is going on now in Chicago.  Idiots just had to have their rock star Rahm, so they overlook the residency rules, elect him, and now he is raising fees and fines and taxes on the poor like some medieval Lord in his liege holdings.  Sort of like how the fine citizens of Ohio and Wisconsin and all those other states are quite surprised that the bullies that they elected would actually turn around and, uh, be bullies.

I don’t understand why any commenter lets the dumb sheep off the hook without at least a warning about the lessons they should be learning – if you don’t want the .01% ruling with iron fists and taking all the shit you worked for all your life away from you – STOP ELECTING THEM!  Idiots.

Speaking of the .01%, we see that Tony Blair and Bill Clinton are joining together to form a hedge fund.

Might that be a conflict of interest for Bill, what with his wife in the State Dept. and all?  Why, no.  The State Dept. has signed off on it; it’s cool.  I’d personally like to ask Bill where all the money donated to the Help Haiti fund went.

And Hillary wants to head the World Bank come next year.  

That position should be of some insider benefit to hubby’s new hedge fund.  Which couldn’t possibly be considered a conflict of interest, either.  Merely two well-connected, well-heeled Movers and Shakers leeching parasitic benefit from each other’s information and position.  And that’s how it is done in the world of the .o1%.

Now watch this drive.


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