What is real and what is not.

28 Dec

These things are real: humans, all other species of animal and plant life, air, fresh water, oceans, natural resources.  Also real: the fact that humans need water, air and food to live.  What is true: we do not know how to live without these things or how to replace them once they are gone.  We could not adapt quickly enough to survive the absence of any of these things.  As a matter of fact, it turns out we cannot survive merely the degradation of these things (think of the death rate from carcinogens in our air and water, for example), much less the complete annihilation of these things.

What is not real: money.  We made it up. We could use other systems of barter, trade, and distribution if we so chose.

We have decided to protect and pursue money.  We have decided to give all the real things to those who have the most money, despite the fact that they have exhibited no intention of caring for or sustaining these things; quite the opposite – they are utterly destroying what we need to survive.  Nor do they intend to share the dwindling (thanks to them) supply of real things with the rest of us.  Yet we adore them and give more and more of the real and irreplaceable to them.

We are completely insane.

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