Tehran, Iran

15 Jan

This is a short video of scenes from Iran.  I found it on the blog, a very fine website jam-packed with useful information on a variety of topics.  The video should require no explanation, but this being America….

The title of the video is sardonic.  We will find the images “disturbing” because they belie our assumptions that Iran is a desert country full of swarthy people living in tents, riding on camels, and beheading each other with scimitars.

I noticed in the comments on youtube that a few people said things like, “Oh, sure, pretty pictures.  Where are the pictures showing them cutting people’s hands off for stealing?”  Congratulations.  You just missed the entire point.  Which is not that Iran is a perfect society filled with angelic beings who never fart.  The point is that Iran is not so different from the US or Europe; it is a modern country with beautiful architecture, lovely scenery, humans holding hands and pushing children on swings.  The point is that when any one of us talks about the possibility of war with Iran as though it were a nothing, a trifle, reasonable (or as one of our generals said about Iran years ago, “These people are just ants.  When the time comes, you just crush them.”) we are talking about blowing up these people, ruining this country – and they are us, just in a different place.  You might as well insist that the only “believable and true” videos of the US would include pictures of our prison inmates raping each other or our police spraying military-grade pepper spray into the faces of completely docile protesters.  You might as well insist that the entirety of the American reality is the video showing US soldiers pissing on the corpses of the men they just killed.  (In a country that never threatened us.  A country we invaded for no reason.)

Like the video of Sirte, Libya which I posted in a previous entry, you may find that your preconceived notions of what the cities and people in foreign countries look like are entirely incorrect.  Learn.  Think.  Be a human.

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Posted by on January 15, 2012 in Iran


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