Yup, that's the size of it.

23 Oct

Here is last night’s foreign policy debate in a nutshell.  This is a quick and dirty count; I can’t spend too much time looking at this crap and certainly could not tolerate the pain of watching it live; there is a link to the transcript I used below.

Number of times each candidate agreed that Israel was our bestest friend forevah, no matter what:
Obama: 6
Romney: 6

Number of times the new US law giving Israel special preferences was mentioned [see: and  on Israel being granted air space in the US, more funding, first steps to inclusion into NATO, and participation in our internal security.]:
Obama: 0
Romney: 0

Number of times Iran threatened:
Obama: 5
Romney: 5

Number of times the latest IAEA report showing Iran is not developing nuclear weapons was mentioned [see: “(1) The IAEA is confident about ‘the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran’; and (2) The IAEA can ‘conclude that all nuclear materials in Iran is in peaceful activities.’ …” –]   :
Obama: 0
Romney: 0

Number of times candidate agreed to continue the use of drone-bombing:
Obama: 1
Romney: 1

Number of times reference made to reports that drone-bombing leads to new terrorist threats and/or angers other countries and/or that the UN is taking steps to make drones illegal under international law:
Obama: 0
Romney: 0

Number of times candidate gives specific number of countries we are drone-bombing currently:
Obama: 0
Romney: 0

Approving references made to killing bin Laden, or whoever that poor old guy was who we shot as he stood unarmed and then dumped his body in the ocean:
Obama: 2
Romney: 2

Approving references made to assassinating Ghaddafi:
Obama: 3
Romney: 1

Number of times it was suggested that President Assad of Syria be “removed”:
Obama: 4
Romney: 5

Number of times candidate mentioned that we supported al Qaeda and terrorist groups in Libya and are doing the same in Syria [See:]:
Obama: 0
Romney: 0

Number of times the candidate used mafioso-style language in reference to handling foreign affairs (i.e.; expressions such as “take out”, “go after”, “days are numbered”, “kill them”, “finish the job”, “bad guys”, etc.)  Note: I only counted each response as “one” even if such a phrase occurred multiple times in a given response. :
Obama: 10
Romney: 7

transcript of debate:

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One response to “Yup, that's the size of it.

  1. paxhonu

    October 24, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    And now let’s meet the bachelors.

    One of these lucky gentlemen is going to get to fuck the crazy shit right out of this blindfolded lady holding the scaly thingamajig. Give a big smile darlin!

    But first, let’s learn a thing or two about our bachelors, and then see how they do at answering her questions. But don’t worry. Tonight’s hot little prize is in a soundproof room off stage right now and she can’t actually see or hear the candidates. Cuz it’s important she know as little as possible before making her big choice.

    Let’s begin.

    Bachelor #1, where ya from and why dya think you deserve to be the one to fuckin rip this bitch wide the fuck open?



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