Better late than never.

07 Nov

A guest post by paxhonu.

The answer is blowing in the wind.  Maybe, in addition to the idea that the answer is out there blowing in the wind, Dylan meant that the actual answer is the doing what he does – blowing in the wind.  Screaming out against the lies, even though your voice is seemingly lost in the howl.  Yell out the truth; testify against the machine, speak out to the noisy absence of information.  Perhaps that itself is the answer; the one that will keep you sane.

On this election day, a vote for either Romney or Obama is a vote for the status quo, and not much of a difference whether one or the other.

The much ballyhooed differences in “vision for America” between the two candidates in this two Party political system are illusory.  Contrary to their rhetoric, particularly that from Obama but Romney’s as well, each seems quite intent on prevailing against Lincoln’s prayer, “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

The alternative: a government of the money, by the money, for the money, shall be attained either way, via Romney, that is, or also via Obama, via any status quo candidate for that matter.  Already has been.  Many, myself included, believe that it’s already fait accompli; believe that government of the money, by the money, for the money is the condition under which we already exist.  Only a revolution, or profound evolution in our style of civilization and government, will bring “we, the people” back into the equation.

To vote for Romney is to take a calculated stance that only the most successful few in our model of zero-sum game corporate capitalism should be supported; that the nation cannot afford the debt associated with the funding of the Others’ so-called entitlement programs; and that the nation, for the sake of national security, cannot afford the risks attending any diminishment to the ever-growing budget of what is already, by many times over, the world’s strongest, best funded, most fantastically armed military twinned with the private war materiel industry it mutually supports.  Not only are U.S. troops and military exercises lavished with funding, but so too security contractors only slightly more obviously mercenary than the U.S. soldiers themselves; and all of them carrying a gun or wielding a joystick to perpetrate murder and terrorism for pay.  These are supported wholeheartedly, while crocodile tears are shed for those who could be helped, even saved, by just a portion of that money were it being spent on them, their health, their education, or their infrastructure.

A Romney vote is calculated to tax investment income at a drastically lower rate than we tax labor income, which perpetuates the wealth of the already wealthy and does nothing for the country or the overwhelming majority of the people in the country.  It is a vote that buys utterly into the myth that such special treatment is necessary for “jobs creators” to want to create jobs or for investors to want to invest.  That notion has, of course, been completely debunked and is now only believed by those not willing to think about it much, or who have never considered the morality or ethics of levying an immense burden of taxation on the labor of those who have only labor to sell and who struggle and lose ground daily, while sparing from an equal share of taxation those with fortunes to invest and not even the remotest danger of desperation in their lives.  To vote Romney is to simply take it on faith that setting a tax rate on the profits of “unearned” or “passive” income equal to the rate assessed against labor will somehow cripple our economy rather than invigorating it.

On no topic is the insanity of a Romney vote more pronounced than in the implicit acceptance of the rightness of the divesture of the U.S.’ national monetary policy to a Federal Reserve that is neither federal nor a reserve.  The Fed is not a governmental agency at all but a wholly owned creature of the major banks it purports to regulate.  In collusion with those same banks that are its owners, and supercharged by fractional reserve lending, and with the naked complicity now of the U.S. Treasury and the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, the Fed is in open pursuit of bank profit at the expense of national economic recovery and stabilization.  This monetary system, codified by the criminally wrongheaded Federal Reserve Act of 1913, has made a debt slave of not only all our citizens, but of our government itself.  Every dollar created is created out of thin air by the Fed and its banks, and every dollar created is created as a debt instrument, bearing interest in favor of those banks.  That is true even with regard to those dollars created for the sole use of the U.S. government.  The U.S. gave to the banks (via their wholly owned and misleadingly named Federal Reserve), in 1913, its (the U.S. government’s) powers to create and regulate currency and monetary matters on its own accord.  It (we, the U.S.) opted instead to allow the Fed and its banks to set policy and create currency as it willed; forcing the government to then borrow from them (the banks) just as do we the masses, the citizenry.

All of these positions are voted for when one votes for Romney.

However, and lest ye think I be picking just on Romney voters, let me state unequivocally my belief that to vote for Obama is to have been deluded by his often lovely but completely false utterances.  Obama and the dubious Democratic Party (which has nonetheless moved right, hard right, right along with him), intends nothing different than the all of that afore-cited above in the preceding paragraphs as the components of the Romney position.  Their path is the same.  Their shining little fucking city on the hill is the same.  Make no mistake about it: no more than a hair’s breadth of practical difference exists between those two poseurs.

Both of them and all of today’s status quo, have proven their belief (and both Romney and Obama have stated in exactly so many words) that the primary purpose of government is to promote and protect free enterprise and a free marketplace.  Imagine that: a government intended not for the people but for an economic idea called free market capitalism, a model which no longer actually exists anywhere in practice.

In a market-based capitalist economy as mature as ours, the winners and losers have long been chosen.  That mature “free market” capitalism actuality reveals a fundamental set of contradictions making it no longer a free market model at all: first, the “anyone can succeed” idea upon which America was founded is long gone.  In every industry exists a handful of hugely successful, dominant firms or individuals that collectively control that industry and its market share so fully that the idea of a thinly capitalized start-up bootstrapping its way into the fray is a joke; proven a joke by the rarity of the exception.

Secondly, with the strength, lobbying power, and free rein they (the wealthy and corporate elite) enjoy in drafting the actual laws on which Congress will vote and in the making of policy at every jurisdictional level, by the setting of laws and policies that favor themselves, they (our wealthiest corporations and individuals), have tilted the scales far from the side that says “free enterprise” to the other place we are now, the place where the recipients of government subsidy, support, hand-out, and preferential treatment are not those who need those things the most but those who need it the least, those already in control.  The market is “free” only in that the cartels (insurance, pharma, fossil fuels, weapons manufacture, etc.) and the monopolies (the Fed Banking System, Monsanto, etc.) are “free” to plunder the carcass of America as they like.

Further, both of the men running have declared (and the status quo has accepted since early W) that their primary responsibility as POTUS is to protect America’s  citizens.  But where in all the founding documents does such a construction exist?  Not in the Constitution, nor the Declaration of Independence.  Nowhere else either.  It is a fabrication intended to allow them, as President, to bomb and/or financially cripple any sovereign nation or peoples he will; to assassinate or murder anyone he and his cadre might select; to oppress, take, steal any resources from anyone else wherever else in the world they might be found (or more accurately, to set the stage and pave the way (often literally) for U.S. corporations or nominally domiciled multinationals to steal others’ resources; all under the guise of “national security”, “protecting our nation’s interests”.  Think about it: the “keeping us safe” rubric has a whole lot more in common with martial law and dictatorship than it does with any Bill of Rights.

The minimum, the very smallest bit that this country needs now, and better late than never, is more people willing to be “blowing in the wind”; people willing to “throw away” their vote on Jill Stein (Green) or Rocky Anderson (Justice) to show the Republocrats (the Republican/Democrat status quo) that we don’t accept what they offer, nor are we any longer willing to endure where they have jointly brought this country over the last 200 years or so.  This country has achieved: the unrivaled position of world’s largest arms dealer; even more despicably, none other is even close in terms of being the world’s most horrid terrorist and bully, that dishonor is America’s and America’s alone; and the U.S. has become the world’s worst despoiler of the environment across the greatest swath of the earth (in total terms a worse environmental criminal than even China).  The status quo Parties have built us a nation in which we now sport: one of the world’s weakest public educational systems paired with one of the world’s weakest but most expensive university systems; perhaps the world’s most expensive, yet still distinctly mediocre in quality, health care system; and the inside track to having the worst financial inequality and the worst equality of opportunity to be found anywhere on the planet.

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One response to “Better late than never.

  1. Morning's Minion

    November 11, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    Well, you just delineated why I found this the most miserable election of my life, by a long shot. I voted for Stein precisely because a vote for either of these men was a vote for venality of various kinds.

    I can’t even imagine how we get to the place where we have real choices, but it’s time we tried. I was bitterly disappointed that there weren’t more third party votes. As long as we keep doing the two party two-step we won’t be able to change this. So sad!

    Great posts; it’s lovely to see Teri having a guest, and especially such a well-spoken one .



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