Decimated, USA.

27 Apr

The following is a silly little article, really.  But this final paragraph made me gag a bit:
“The White House press spokesman, Jay Carney, described the bill as a temporary Band-Aid that fails to address the overall threat to the economy. He suggested that Congress should find the same sense of urgency to help families who have had children kicked out of Head Start programs or seniors who have lost access to Meals on Wheels.”

These guys all talk like the sequester deal (as well as all the other austerity deals since Obama took office) were some sort of invasive kudzu-like plant that mysteriously took over their offices after a weekend off.  (“Damn!  What the fuck is this shit growing all over the walls in here, Mabel?  Get some RoundUp at lunch, will ya?”)

Where is this shocked surprise and outrage coming from?  They wrote the fucking bills, voted for them, and Oblahblah signed them into law, just as they intended.  Now they are stunned – stunned – to hear that travelers might be affected, old people and poor people and sick people might be sent to early graves…someone should do something.  Tell you what – I think Congress and the administration have done quite enough.  Turn your treasonous, bribe-taking selves in for viciously and coldly attempting to do away with America’s poor and middle classes altogether.  Oh, wait, that won’t work – you bought the judicial system, too.  Tammany Hall Capital Hill will be equally “surprised” and “aghast” when they succeed in stealing social security later this year, too.  But, hey, Eric Holder is going after the really big fish now, so maybe there’s hope for justice, after all.  And how many millions will this lawsuit cost the taxpayers?  Never you mind; I say spare no expense, Eric, you go for those assholes who are stealing all the assets and money in the country…wait, hang on a minute.  He’s suing Lance Armstrong??? [ ]  What a cartoon this whole place is becoming.

And here’s the McCain, once again showing his gathering dementia (please leave already and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out):

“I support the action by Congress this week to provide the Federal Aviation Administration with the flexibility it needs to keep air traffic controllers on the job and flights on schedule,” McCain said. “However, it is shameful for us to make allowances for the FAA while doing nothing to stop the draconian cuts that are decimating our military today and putting our nation’s security in danger.  Dealing with the impacts of sequestration on a case-by-case basis does nothing to fix the underlying issue and prolongs this damaging policy. While Congress gives flexibility to the FAA, our military aircraft don’t fly and our ships don’t sail.”  (From the rawstory article linked to above.)

Our military decided to cut veteran’s benefits and civilian jobs, you lyin’ fool, not weaponry or war-making capabilities.  The administration is planning an invasion of Syria right now (based on – stop me if you’ve heard this one before – chemical weapons of mass destruction.  Well, it’s an oldie, but a goodie, eh?).  The aircraft is a-flying and the boats are a-sailing.  More’s the pity.  The military complex has enough money to practice their tactical maneuvers in US cities and hire some mercenaries (Craft) to “help”, in advance, in the Boston-oh-my-God-terrorist drill.  The military may be many things to many people, but “decimated”, it ain’t.

Decimated is the destination you have in mind for we, the people.

A video, “Amerika”, made by Laura (, a commenter here.  Used with permission.  (Thank you, Laura!)

Other stuff:

“The White House says that United States President Barack Obama may approve of using military force against the Syrian government. […]

The unknown knowns, etc:  “[…] In the midst of a Middle East tour dedicated to arranging a $10 billion deal to provide Israel and the right-wing Arab monarchies with advanced weaponry directed against Iran, US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel denounced the chemical weapons use, saying it “violates every convention of warfare.” He went on to acknowledge, “We cannot confirm the origin of these weapons, but [they] …very likely have originated with the Assad regime.”
Similarly, British Prime Minister David Cameron charged Syria with a “war crime,” stating: “It’s limited evidence, but there’s growing evidence that we have seen too of the use of chemical weapons, probably by the regime.” […]”

Lots of info in the following article.  Now, how does this work, exactly?  The US gov’t pays Ratheon to build a weapons system.  Then the gov’t pimps out the weapons in Ratheon’s behalf, “selling” the weapons to other countries.  (Does the gov’t make any profit on these sales, or do the profits all just go to Raytheon?  In which case, the taxpayers have just paid a buttload of money for shit that is not even the US’ any more.)
Then the US gives money to Israel which Israel uses to buy the weapons.

On Craft presence in Boston: “[…] Few paramilitary outfits in the industrialized West are as sinister as the Craft. Craft was responsible for the drill. Its symbol is a skull not dissimilar to the Marvel character The Punisher. Its motto is a subtlety-shy: ”No matter what your mother told you, violence does solve problems”. US corporate media simply vanished with any trace of Craft operatives swarming the marathon site; talk about a media blackout.

“Alternative media though was not intimidated. Here one may find a conclusive treasure trove of photos showing Craft operatives at the marathon site, complete with combat wear, black backpacks, tactical gear, and even carrying a radiation detector. So how did the FBI react to it? By imposing an absolute blackout. Total photo censorship, as in ”other photos will not be deemed credible” – only photos and footage showing the Tsarnaev brothers. Craft is untouchable.

“The problem is that everything touching Craft in this scenario is troubling. 1) Their invisibility – corporate media sheepishly bowing to the FBI and never even mentioning them. 2) Their ”security” expertise – your army of mercenaries gets paid a fortune and all your hyper-trained tough guys loaded with high-tech gear cannot find a couple of amateur bombers. 3) The sinister possibility that this was a black ops produced by Craft. […]”

Questions about the Boston narrative; another great article from Pepe:

” The US Department of Defense conducted urban warfare training drills in Tinley Park, Illinois, a southwestern suburb of Chicago, during the nights of April 23 and 24. The drills, conducted with the coordination of the Illinois state government, came a week after the police shutdown of the city of Boston following the marathon bombings.

“Similar exercises have been conducted recently in Miami, Florida and Houston, Texas. Stories have emerged in local media only after frightened residents called in reports of explosions. It is not known how many such operations have been conducted in other cities. […]”

“[…] Speaking to the city’s Herald newspaper though, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis says he’s looking to add at least one new element in 2014: unmanned aerial vehicles. Weighing in with regards to how his city will ensure another attack won’t ruin next year’s marathon, Davis says he’s looking towards obtaining a drone aircraft to conduct surveillance from the Boston sky. […]”

“[…]Before we get to the impact of the Obama budget, let’s explode a critical myth: there is no recovery (at least for the 99%). Last month’s unemployment numbers revealed the fraud of the unemployment rate.  Even though the country produced less than 90,000 new jobs, when over 120,000 are needed to keep up with growth, the unemployment rate declined. Why? Because hundreds of thousands are giving up on work each month and they don’t get counted.
“At present, over 100 million working age Americans do not have a job – that is 41.5%.  And, for some groups, African Americans and youth in particular, this is a persistent jobs crisis that ensures low incomes and little wealth for the future. And, workers who do have jobs are paid way too little, about half of the value of what they actually produce. There will be no recovery until these fundamentals change. […]

Congressional hijacking of the public good:  “[…] And how else to explain why corporate tax breaks have more than doubled in the last 25 years? Or why the Senate and House recently gutted the STOCK Act requiring disclosure of financial transactions by White House staff and members of Congress and their staffs and prohibiting them from insider trading? It was passed into law and signed by President Obama last year – an election year – with great self-congratulation from all involved. […]
“Nonetheless, the House and Senate leapt at the opportunity to eviscerate key sections of the STOCK Act when almost no one was watching. And the president signed it. […]
“Then there’s the fertilizer plant in West, Texas, where last week, fire and explosion killed at least 15 — 11 of them first responders — and injured more than 200. The Reuters news service reported that the factory “had last year been storing 1,350 times the amount of ammonium nitrate that would normally trigger safety oversight by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.” Why wasn’t Homeland Security on top of this? For one thing, the company was required to tell the department — and didn’t. For another, budget cuts demanded by Congress mean there aren’t enough personnel available for spot inspections.[…]  Congress quietly acquiesces as the regulations meant for our safety are whittled away.[…]”


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3 responses to “Decimated, USA.

  1. paxhonu

    April 29, 2013 at 3:49 am

    Which is the more depressing fact about life in these United States: that our country has become by orders of magnitude the most evil, vile, and odious terrorist state ever assembled (dwarfing such earlier notables as Nazi Germany or Pol Pot’s Cambodia which look like playground bullies or mischievous pranksters by comparison); or that we the people are mere mutes, blind witnesses, impotent passengers on the train wreck that is America, powerless to change its course or its culture; or that the official narratives, the stories sold to cover each and every event are so outlandishly retarded as to insult the reader and call into question the sanity of any journalist or media source that would repeat such obvious tripe; or that the vast majority of Americans don’t seem to recognize or comprehend any one of the above observations, and rather than questioning even the most outlandish propaganda in the constant deluge of effluent poured out on them, seem instead to be stupefied that some of us won’t eat at that trough or really aren’t all that keen on masturbating to shouts of Booyah or worshipping at the altar of the Great American Seal?

    America’s rich and ruling class has nothing but contempt for the growing numbers of Ayn Rand’s janitors who somehow, likely by their own dis-ambition, are discovering American poverty firsthand, the miserably underemployed and callously disenfranchised left out from a winner takes all system of global plunder where there is no place left at all for soft people flawed by the possession of empathy, morals, reflective intellect, compassion, or a caring concern for the natural planet or love for the wonders of the spiritual atman.


  2. Kitt

    May 2, 2013 at 12:26 am

    Just about everything you posted about in that post was unnerving, but the one that really blows steam out of my ears is the (oh yes, but of course) we must have drones now flying over Boston. Saw that one coming in the first 10 seconds of the Boston Marathon tragedy event.


  3. teri

    May 2, 2013 at 11:54 am

    And that, dear Kitt, was probably the point of the whole exercise in the first place.




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