John Kerry's magical mystery tour.

23 Jun

US Secretary of State John Kerry said Washington is “not responsible” for either the crisis in Libya, or violence in Iraq, where militants of the Al-Qaeda offshoot group ISIS are capturing cities one by one.

“The United States of America is not responsible for what happened in Libya, nor is it responsible for what is happening in Iraq today,” said Kerry at a press conference in Cairo after a short visit to Egypt for talks with its newly elected President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as part of his Middle East tour. […]

I can only guess we are supposed to believe that, like Bill Clinton, John Kerry does not inhale whatever it is he smokes.

Our leaders may deny and bluster all they want, but I doubt there is another country on the planet that buys this horse-shit.  The US is the direct cause of the ongoing violence in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan,…

There are about 5000 more words I could have written here, but then I thought to myself, why bother?  When our Secretary of State tours the Middle East (just one area of the globe aflame with the civil strife we inflicted upon it) making such buffoonish remarks, there is nothing to do but gawp like a rube at the county fair taking his first gander at the two-headed boy and hope no-one recognizes you as an American.

[…] The Magical Mystery Tour

Is hoping to take you away

Hoping to take you away […]

The Magical Mystery Tour

Is coming to take you away

Coming to take you away

The Magical Mystery Tour

Is dying to take you away

Dying to take you away

Take you today

[“Magical Mystery Tour” is track #11 on the album The Beatles 1967-1970 (The Blue Album). It was written by Lennon, John Winston / Mccartney, Paul James]

Our foreign policy encapsulated in another Beatles’ song:


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2 responses to “John Kerry's magical mystery tour.

  1. paxhonu

    June 24, 2014 at 3:58 pm

    “The United States of America is not responsible for what happened in Libya, nor is it responsible for what is happening in Iraq today.”

    “And none of that other shit either.”

    I really love this post. Most efficient. Thank you.

    P.S. I like thinking that the walrus might be the cool hangin’ out kine beach walrus, but I kind of think he’s not supposed to be the good one here. The walrus might be the man: I kind of get the functionary nature of the eggman and the eggmen and the system and then the one with big teeth and all self important that’s the walrus. Bono and Omidyar and Kerry and all the State Bitches that ever was, and all the CEO’s and senators congressmen and every asshole that ever ran for any fucking public office.


  2. teri

    June 25, 2014 at 9:19 am

    Yes, I think the Walrus is the man. But the carpenter (like most Americans) just goes along with him and manages to help eat, with gusto, all the poor little oysters that Walrus tricked into going for a walk on the beach.

    Link to The Walrus and The Carpenter:

    Jabberwocky, the name of the above website, BTW, is the title of another Carroll poem. To my great delight, my younger son can recite “Jabberwocky” in full.

    I have to take my pleasure here and dig my treasure there….

    – Teri



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