My name is Teri.  Human being.  Middle-aged (heading for old age fast) bookkeeper for an accounting firm in Maryland.  Sometime artist.  Voracious reader.  What?  You expected more?  This isn’t a dating site, people.  Actually, the only reason this site exists is because my kids got sick of listening to my political rants during supper-time and set it up to give me a place to vent.  So here I am.

A few notes about leaving comments: this is a wordpress blogsite, so some of the features are simply built in.  I think the “leave a comment” thingie asks for your e-mail address.  I don’t use or save that information and would not require it at all if I had my druthers.   I have to approve comments from new posters before they appear, so there is sometimes quite a lag between your submitting that first comment and it showing up.  I work for a living and am not on the computer all day, so it is sometimes quite a long time-lag.  Once I have approved your first comment to the blog, all subsequent comments from you (assuming you have used the same information in the fields for name and email) are automatically approved and will appear immediately.  I would worry about the time-lag for first-time posters more if anyone aside from spammers selling viagra ever left comments.  Oh, and the Russians, who write a lot of comments here for some reason.  Probably selling Russian viagra.  These are just deleted, so sorry, since I neither want to buy viagra nor do I speak Russian.

For the regular old non-spammer visitors: The world is changing rapidly. Pay attention.  Focus.  Be a good human. Peace, Teri


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